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Glove prices rose because of the pandemic’s widespread use, increased demand from the medical industry, and closures of ports and factories. Well, it became clear that the supply resumed as time passed.

Prices didn’t drop as quickly, so I reasoned that there might have been—and possibly still is—something I didn’t know about the situation. They may have been hoarding because they anticipated another wave. Nonetheless, the supply came back. Yet, the prices didn’t decrease. Prices are now double what they were before the outbreak in the worst cases.

Throughout the pandemic, my former coworker Chris Toms, who is now my business partner and a co-owner of Focus Gloves, was buying gloves straight from the supplier. He was able to purchase gloves for the tattoo artists he knew directly. Now think about that. In the midst of the pandemic, when hospitals were consuming all available gloves and glove costs were skyrocketing for obvious reasons, he was able to obtain gloves at much lower prices.

After that, I wondered why I shouldn’t try to do that on a bigger scale for everyone. Like, if anyone could just buy gloves from abroad and bring them home for personal use, why can’t we be a distributor to try to promote the tattoo and medical industries?

Let me tell you that it pisses us off that people are still forced to pay exorbitant prices for gloves since all the distributors were sort of waiting for everyone else to reduce prices once the supply came back.

Those like us who are tattoo artists. Since we need the gloves to work and earn money, we will pay the price. And I think that’s very foolish.

Our goal is to continue to drive down glove costs to progress the medical and tattoo industries. This, in my opinion, is a good first step in making that a reality and trying to address the issue.

Paul Johnsen,
Co-owner of Focus Gloves

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